Monday, January 13, 2014

Pantene manipulates feminism to sell more Pantene.

By Anči

 Yes it's all very magical: a giant corporation pointing out sexism, while attempting to sell beauty products to women.

Oh and, in case you can't tell, the TV spot was actually made to air in the Philippines. Yep, that's right: those luxurious locks don't belong to white women of distant Mexican ancestry. These are Filipina models we're apparently admiring.  (Looks like India isn't the only nation to glorify whiteness, eh?)

Plus, i'm not super moved by any 'social' campaign aimed at high powered women with fancy jobs.  
 I mean sure, executive ladies in business suits are negatively viewed as pushy, and that sucks. But their upper class struggles are already overrepresented in the media. (see: every sitcom, romcom, and ad campaign.)
The majority of women however, face a much more serious set of injustices,  which unfortunately don't look as glamorous on camera. (lack of access to health care, child care, birth control, employment, and oh yeah, the looming threat of sexual assault..)

I guess what I'm trying to say is I don't really give a shit whether some high-earning babe achieves "empowerment" through wealth, (or shiny hair) and neither should you.

(That reminds me: Remember that 'inspiring' moment in the Sex and the City movie, when Samantha "finds herself" after failing to land some diamond ring she was bidding on..only to discover that  her controlling boyfriend was the one that had purchased the rock... to give to her himself? Then do you  remember thinking: "Someone needs to sit these writers down and explain to them what actual problems look like?"
Girl, we've all been there.

So no, the "liberation" of rich  women doesn't move me. And neither does this Pantene commercial. Try again.

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