Friday, May 23, 2014

I'm a feminist blogger... now what?

 By Anči

So... it's been an interesting month in feminism: what with Moroccan women marching for gender equality, Transgender women being unfairly targeted, and women's reproductive health remaining under constant fire. (Oh and that hilarious time bell hooks called Beyonce a terrorist)

All of this makes for great material when you have a feminist blog to update, but most of the times it just leaves this bitch feeling bloated.
 It's true, I'm "lucky" I never have to click too far for a juicy tidbit to exploit, and snark into oblivion...  But more often than not these days, I've been looking inwards for inspiration instead. Because well, to confront every instance of rape culture, transmisogyny, and injustice, would be to... undermine this light, fluffy tone I've stubbornly fought to preserve. (and to do that, would be to metaphorically massacre a litter of chinchilla-kitty hybrids.)

And fluff does make the bullshit a bit more digestable--as my entire third grade class learned, the day we watched Pocahontas Junior devour her entire litter of premature pups.
We never had a classroom pet after that. And as for me, well... I didn't get my period for another ten years...

 So. Anyway. When this blog was first conceived, (by a feminist free spirit named Leili,) the goal was to explore themes of women and worth-- specifically, what is it that makes women today feel so damn shitty about themselves? It's a pretty daunting question, when you consider all the factors involved-- like class, race, ability, sexuality, experience, etc...
 but that's what makes it such a rich subject matter to devote an entire blog to-- the fact that the answers are so complex, they're seemingly endless! I know this can make me feel like a wee kiddie, surveying the bountiful contents of a pastry case.. But that also comes with a certain set of responsibilities. (That is, if I want to be taken seriously, as a Professional Patriarchy-Pulverizer.) So yes, it means spending time writing about issues I don't necessarily feel like investing myself in. And frankly, that's not a tendency that comes naturally to a sensitive blogger like me. Because writing about rape makes me cringe, and talking about racism in grandiose academic tones, means falling asleep on my keyboard, I'd much rather expose injustices on a smaller, sassier scale. (with gifs!)

That can mean providing personal anecdotes, sharing observations, or making fun of pop culture... and guys? it doesn't make the effect any less hard hitting, because luckily, there's no wrong way to erode at  white supremacy and patriarchy. Even when that includes the occasional unsolicited reference to my lady parts..


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