Saturday, November 23, 2013

Manly yogurt

By Ana CL

I was gonna write a post about rape culture just now, but then I saw an advertisement for manly yogurt and just had to say something

Yes, this is a real product
Not visible on this image, is the official product slogan. "Find your inner abs" (Funny, I don't remember any mention of "inner" abs in my anatomy class. But I may have been distracted by the taped up pubes of my cadaver. RIP unidentified inmate no. 204)

See, unlike Yogurt for women, which apparently is infused with hormonal laughing gas, Powerful yogurt is for strong warriors. Behold!

Dairy: the heterosexual food group.

Now consider these totally spontaneous ads for estro-gurt.

guys, my yogurt just said "boobies"

My yogurt is flavored! So naughty

My boyfriend thinks I'm on the pill!


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