Sunday, January 25, 2015


 By Anci CL

This Christmas vacation played out like a study in good food--I didn't take a picture of every beautiful meal, I ate (unfortunately...though, maybe not for you?] But I did document a couple of my gastronomic feats of consumption.

Going to New York, to watch my sister play in Carnegie hall, meant... eating from a plethora of "high end" platters, (well, high end for me. Not for rich people, obviously)  and then coming back home meant indulging in my standard fare of beautiful, but substantially less impressive dishes. (Okay, So I wanted you to know my sister played at Carnegie... six times more than you have. Can you blame me?)

In many ways the food we eat is indicative of our stations in life-- it conveys our attitudes, our values, our tummy troubles. (and my god, are they beautiful.)



Mom's cooking


I love food presentation almost as much I love food-- anything really, that brings dignity to one of our basest impulses. It's really the same principle as seduction, -- without which intercourse would be vulgar and over, quick. Food presentation attracts us, and makes our mouths water in anticipation... just like a pretty boy flashing a grin, or a dancer wiggling her hips.

There's something so inherently feminine to presentation-- (although men can certainly participate. Femininity is inclusive, y'all!) Whether it's food presentation or physical presentation...(aka  how we make up and adorn ourselves in our daily life)
It all smacks of that wonderful artifice that comes with socialized womanhood.

Artifice gets a bad rap, but look what beauty it creates-- what comfort, what experiences, what sweetness.

That's something powerful I took away from my American upbringing.

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