Thursday, January 1, 2015

On Leelah. TW: Suicide, transphobia

 By Anci CL

I didn't expect to get so emotional about Leelah Alcorn-- simply because I tend to compartmentalize tragic news into a cerebral "oh well" filing system.  (for self preservation/self care reasons,)  But then I started picturing having a kid of my own one day, and imagining if that kid felt abandoned by the world and by me... and suddenly I was overwhelmed with guilt and anguish.

We need to do better by our LGBT children.  And my God, suicide is so final. There's life, and suddenly there's no more life-- because some piece of shit couldn't accept their transgender daughter?
What kind of pansy-ass bullshit is that?

"We love our son" you fucking asshole, that's exactly why she killed herself.

I don't know what kind of a child I will eventually welcome into the world-- but I do know I will NEVER diminish that kids' agency to self determine.
 I will never dictate what their orientation or gender identity should be-- because doing so would be an act of violence. An act of violence against a baby I'm supposed to protect, and love.

Leelah's parents failed her. Their rejection drove her to suicide, when this troubled little girl couldn't bear to exist in the wrong body, and under the wrong name any longer.

For the skeptics: (first of all, fuck you.) second of all: Imagine being trapped in the humming skin-chassis of the opposite gender... how miserable and stifling that would feel. How horrifying.  Leelah felt that way every goddamn day of her life, and her own parents didn't have it in them comfort her. They didn't hold her, and cry with her, or acknowledge her suffering, or tell her what beautiful little girl she is.

Instead, they kept insisting --to her ultimate, and exhausting expiration- that she was a boy. These 'Christian' people humiliated, and betrayed their daughter. And then to top it off, they buried her in a suit. (completely bypassing the rather significant stipulation in her suicide note, maintaining that she wanted to be remembered as girl.)

That is cowardice, and that is unworthy of parenthood.

Which is why I am formally declaring  that any human being who is unwilling to raise an LGBT child, NEEDS TO GO GET STERILIZED. Because they should not be bringing any more potentially suicidal babies into the world. Because that is what happens when children are abused in this way-- they end their lives, or they end up homeless. (look it up. 40% of homeless youths identify as LGBT)  If that is to you, somehow  preferable to nurturing a gay or transgender child, then FUUUUCK YOU.

I can't put it any more eloquently than that.


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