Thursday, September 26, 2013

Ana--On Feminism

Hey guys, first post here! My writing name is Anči, and I’ve been a card-carrying feminist for at least ten years now. I am excited to contribute to this project because I believe in creating spaces for women and allies to be heard (especially on the internet, where it’s most needed—and if you don’t believe me, scroll through the comment section of any article written by a woman). On a more personal note, as a multi-ethnic, multi-national Hispanic  woman, who is also a stutterer, it is crucial for me to have a feminist forum in which to express myself,  having spent the majority of life forcefully silenced--not only for being a woman, but also quite literally, by my speech impediment (something I will most likely address in another blog post--ableism is a feminist issue, guys!). 

For me, feminism is a tool and political principle, which seeks to dismantle patriarchal power structures. This might sound intimidating, but to feminist activists like me, “dismantling patriarchal power structures” is a daily process that can range from questioning sexist assumptions (like “slutty” women have low self esteem, or feminists are jealous of pretty women — myths I’ll also address on this blog at some point) to challenging misogyny in action (confronting cat-callers, publicly shaming rapists) to demanding access to health care and birth control. All these things are examples of feminism—and they all require bravery, empathy, and solidarity.

As a writer, a feminist, and an activist, I look forward to being a regular contributor this blog, and am looking forward to reading what everyone else has to say on the issue of women and worth.

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