Sunday, September 22, 2013

"Why Women Can't Have It All" -- shared by Amy

"Feminism was meant to remove a fixed set of expectations; instead, we now interpret it as a route to personal perfection. Because we can do anything, we feel as if we have to do everything."     

Barnard College's president, Debora L. Spar, argues that young women should stop trying to live up to the many, many pressures women face today--those pressures that continue to make so many hard-working women feel inadequate, or work until they're exhausted, or take on too many commitments.

Why do we expect the modern women to "have it all"? Why do we hold ourselves and others to these standards? Do you believe we just have to "lean in" and work harder, or does something have to give?

Also, in this fantastic post, blogger Jessica Valenti has compiled photos of "sad white babies with mean feminist mommies" used to illustrate articles on the same topic--women "having it all."

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