Saturday, October 5, 2013

Introducing "thigh gap"

 By Ana CL

As if our beauty standards weren't arbitrary enough, there's been a new regulation introduced to its ever-shrinking confines.

Introducing thigh gap:  the creepy, and inexplicable obsession of sexy people all over the  Western Hemisphere!

It used to be that a person's hotness could be determined through such straightforward means as: establishing facial symmetry, or  calibrating stomach flatness. (it doesn't count if you're sucking in!) Gone are the days, when the markers of beauty were limited to a sufficiently adorable nose, or a  sufficiently white mother. It seems we have now reached the age of the Mandatory Thigh Gap.

Thigh gap, or that gap between a skinny woman's thighs, was covertly inducted into the Official Hall of  Beauty standards, sometime in 2013. (Apparently, while I was in the shower.)
And like all healthy people,  I am still coming to terms with this development. Over a second lunch.


  1. The first time the notion of a thigh gap crossed my consciousness (though not in those terms) was when I was in middle school. A girl complimented me on mine and I was left utterly bewildered and uncomfortable. Middle school.

  2. what are you serious?? then again, thin parts have always been in. this recent wave of thigh gap envy, seems to be a new trend though. (the article i linked to was from a couple days ago.)

    But aside from that, being complimented for possessing a gap in your thighs, seems like the most bizarre thing ever.. (um thanks? I put it there myself.)